Gettysburg Squire Manor

In the story of success...

This is Chapter One

We are the premier organization based on timeless principles, committed to developing and inspiring leadership, team building, and networking for young men.

Through tried and true methods of team building, mentorship & leadership development, and community engagement, our members stand out above the rest.

First-Class Mentorship

For over 100 years, DeMolay International has brought members together as mentors to be the best they can be.

Exciting Fun

The DeMolay program wouldn’t be over 100 years old if we didn’t have much fun! Our members from all over the world plan and host fun events they want to do.

Exemplary Leadership

The success of DeMolay comes by putting the emphasis on our youth leaders and encouraging them to lead.

Our Story

Established in 1995, Squires is a program for boys ages 9 to 11. It teaches important lessons about Justice, Truth, and Wisdom while participating in a variety of fun events and developing lasting friendships. A great starting point for any youth interested in becoming a DeMolay at 12 years old, or who is just looking for something to get involved in. Squires hold “professional” meetings, attend fun events, and interact with DeMolays. A Squire is part of a Manor, and members hold an office within their Manor. Each meeting and event has Advisors present who ensure safety, and work closely with the Squires. Active DeMolays give the Squires positive role models, and love interacting with their “little brothers”. Parents are welcome to attend all events, and contribute to the success of the manor.

DeMolay Squires is an organization providing boys (9-11) an opportunity to be a part of, and support, DeMolay and through collaborative efforts, plan its own program of activities

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